Friday, May 5, 2017

What's eating up my ArcGIS Online credits?

My presence on ArcGIS Online is small:  Choptank River Heritage.

It runs on the Esri Home License - ArcGIS Pro and an Online site with 100 credits - for $100 per year.  I use it to improve my ArcGIS skills while publishing historic maps to support my Choptank River Heritage volunteer blog about Caroline County, Maryland, history

I was surprised to find that 7 percent of my annual credits were used up in the past 14 days, mostly for storage:

Storage of what?  You have to drill down deep to find that.  The help doc is here.  The gist is:

Click View Status > Credits > Storage > [Storage Usage Chart] Feature Storage > [Feature Storage Usage Report] Database Storage.  Then download the CSV.

Now I see it.  I can certainly get rid of this stuff:

And pay out another $100 to keep my historic maps and GIS skills development going.

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