Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why do I still use both Chrome and Firefox? For bookmarks on desktop, laptop, and mobile.

Web browser bookmarks are important to me.  I use them every day for my professional GIS work.  I need fast access to ArcGIS and Python resources on the web.  I need to get back to training and tutorials.  I need to flip back and forth between web sites, Gmail, and calendar.

I put time and effort into managing and updating web browser bookmarks.  And I need to access them on my laptop, my office workstation, and my Android phone. 

Chrome gives me web bookmarks on my laptop and workstation -- effortlessly.

Firefox puts my bookmarks on my phone.

Neither browser does desktop, laptop, and mobile.  

Why can't Chrome or Firefox get the whole thing right?  I don't know.

Chrome -- Log in and get bookmarks everywhere ... except on my phone.

Some of my co-workers resist the Chrome login idea.  They don't want Google tracking their every web move.

But Chrome with login gives me updated bookmarks on both my laptop and workstation - or any other computer where I choose to log in to my Google account.  But not on my Google/Android phone.

The Android browser is crappy.  No bookmarks management at all.  There is no Chrome-like browser for Android mobile.  At least not the OS running on my DroidX --  Andoid 2.4.3.  There is hope at Android 4.0, which offers Chrome-to-Phone Beta and other Chrome toys.  (If I'm wrong, please leave a comment.)

Firefox -- Manually import Chrome bookmarks to get them onto my phone.

The Firefox mobile browser is pretty nice, with tabs, good handling of Javascript and HTML5.  Best of all, it replicates my bookmarks in the same way I organize them on my desktop.

Not without a cost.  I have to a weekly export-import from Chrome to Firefox to keep all this up to date.

Why don't I use IE?

Because IE mixes together web bookmarks and desktop "favorites".  And that screws up everything.

Is there a better way?


  1. Wrong.

    1. Thanks for the note. But actually, no, I am right.

      Chrome for Android is available, initially in Beta, on Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.

      As I pointed out above, I am still stuck at Android 2.4.3. Two years without a Google browser on my Google phone.

  2. Check out Xmarks. Works well for Firefox and Chrome; haven't used it for Android but capability appears to exist.

    1. I just checked out Xmarks at Google Play. It says, "Android Browser doesn't currently support synchronizing folders." Dang. Managing bookmarks is all about the folders. So Xmarks won't help with the mobile bookmarks problems. But, thanks for the suggestion.