Saturday, February 25, 2012

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Here are details about GeoPlatform evolution, provided by Esri's Geoportal Server lead, Marten Hogeweg, and published here with Marten's permission: is actually built on ArcGIS Online which is running on-premises in the GSA hosting environment. currently has a small set of publishers who 'curate' the content that is visible, with a focus on web services.

When Geospatial One-Stop retired, it was integrated into the website as IS built on the open source Geoportal Server (

There were close to 650,000 items in Geospatial One-Stop, many of which were from state/local government or from academia and do not meet the criteria ( to be made discoverable through

To provide access to that full set (by now grown to about 950,000 geospatial resources), the search from the site was included.

There are really two programs (Geoplatform and that are looking at how to best implement their objectives/mandates: serve nationally significant geospatial data assets from and to the geospatial community at large) vs increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government (

What you see now is (hopefully) a transition from the Geospatial One-Stop period into the new open government data period where these two objectives/mandates unite... 

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