Friday, January 6, 2012

Server geoprocessing for 911/CAD. Got some?

I'm working with the metro police dept. to build and automate geoprocesses that support 911 and computer-aided dispatch (CAD).  The goal is simple:  Within minutes of a 911 call, we want to provide an "investigative package" of map layers, tables, and fact sheets for the area surrounding the location of the event.  Info like this:
  • 911 calls of the same or different types in past 24 hours
  • Active warrants and prison releases
  • Weapons seized and ownership information
  • Population and demographics
  • Schools and care facilities and their populations
  • Land use and cover, building footprints
  • Police dept. assets, fixed and mobile

I was fortunate to get on the phone with Esri's Public Safety Team to discuss this.  They're a great bunch - knowledgeable and helpful.  I asked the Esri team:

Has anyone in the ArcGIS community already built  911/CAD geoprocessing models they can share?

I had already searched Esri's Public Safety Resource Center, the Public Safety Forum, ArcGIS Online, and AGO’s Public Safety Group.  And googled around, of course.  I didn't find anything.

The Esri team acknowledged that a published set of standard tools and scripts to support public safety generally, and 911/CAD in particular, is still needed.  They're interested in working with us over the next few months to help get that started. 

Who has customized ArcGIS Server to support 911 or other public safety operations?

It looks like there's not much out there yet. But Esri could point to one example:

New York City 's Office of Emergency Management is using ArcGIS Server to automatically generate an "incident response packet" about each 911 incident scene. The packet includes maps of
  • area
  • aerial 
  • neighborhood maps
and reports of
  • administrative boundary
  • nearest critical facilities
  • demographic
  • land use
That's close to our "investigative package".

Application development at NYC OEM called for database design, ArcGIS Server 9.3, and programming with ArcObjects, ASP.NET, C#, and Ajax.  (Does that mean Esri Javascript API and Dojo?  Not sure.)  I'd like to see the geoprocessing scripts.

Is anyone using ArcGIS Server with Sharepoint for 911 or other public safety?

The obvious answer is that Esri has partnered with Microsoft to integrate ArcGIS Server with Sharepoint into what's they call the Fusion Core Solution.  Surprisingly, if you google it, you won't find a lot out there except Powerpoint by Esri and MS. But thanks to stoptimeculp at YouTube, we have a simple video demo.  

After the YouTube demo spends time on "punching in" and tracking personnel hours, it finally shows what you would expect for web mapping and Sharepoint:  Select layers to add to a map, and map the new incidents that you intake using web forms. and then looked at them together.  So far, I've seen no geospatial analysis -- automated or otherwise -- to provide additional location-based intelligence like what's listed above.

By the way ... Is there a national or standard data model for 911/CAD ?

I was thinking of standard categories for 911 events, and standard or recommended fields and formatting for 911 call processing. The Esri team discussed generic industry-level information exchange models. But we couldn't identify a standard specifically for 911.

Got ArcGIS Server geoprocessing models for 911/CAD you want to discuss and share?

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