Thursday, November 3, 2011

Metadata really does matter ... to me, right now

Tonight I worked on assembling Chicago area map layers to inform a real estate analysis task.  I pulled together map services into Chicago Area Land Use Map.

 I found some usable map services by googling for ArcGIS Server REST catalogs like this:

url:rest AND url:arcgis AND chicago

I found interesting map layers from and Loyola Univ.  But guess what... not a single word of descriptive metadata was published with any of these map services.  The Loyola server is obviously used by students, so I can understand why there's no documentation.  But the .gov GIS server is public-facing and, I would assume, authoritative.  But I can't really tell.  Can't tell anything about any of these services.

Maybe the map service authors couldn't figure out how to get information into the REST catalog fields for these services.  It's not straightforward when publishing to ArcGIS Server.

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