Friday, November 25, 2011

Esri URL Parameters (Part 2: Webmap, Mapkey, Open, or Itemid… It’s all the Same)

My last post showed how San Mateo County (Calif.) used URL parameters to create a Public Maps Gallery with options for different map viewers, like in this example.   We authored our maps at to show map services on the County GIS server.  Then we sent the unique map ID as a URL parameter to four different map viewers.

But there’s a catch with this approach:   Esri uses a different URL parameter with each map viewer – to send the same information.  (It seems like the Esri dev teams for each of the map viewer APIs were not talking to each other.)  I couldn't find a single listing for all the variations, so I put together this list myself:

For this Esri Map Viewer…
…This is the URL parameter for the web map Map Viewer
Javascript Templates hosted at
Esri Javascript Templates hosted on a local web server
ArcGIS Explorer (Silverlight) Map Viewer      
ArcGIS Viewer for Flex

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