Sunday, October 23, 2011

Public Map Gallery for San Mateo County

This week I finish a 6-month work assignment with the San Mateo County (Calif.) GIS Team.  I wrote about this assignment back in March, just before I started.

My task was to use free resources ArcGIS Online to make SMC geodatabase layers available to the public.  Supporting tasks were:
  • Improve metadata authoring workflows to better support web map services.
  • Publish all county geodatabase map layers that can be released to the public, as map services.
  • Publish a geodata portal.
  • Publish a map gallery that uses the county map services.
[ The complete task description is here . ]

The idea was to see if we could deliver geodata and maps over the Web at very low cost and without professional software developers.  (I'm not a programmer.)

I'll post the link to the map gallery next week, after we get the okay from the county.  I'll say more about metadata, map services, and geoportal in the next posts.

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