Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The "Search for Frederick Douglass's Birthplace" - interactive map presentation is online:

To get familiar with map/presentation authoring using ArcGIS Explorer Online (AGXO), I created an AGXO presentation using Choptank River Heritage data that I'm familiar with, and which was readily available. 

I've provided feedback to Esri on the AGXO authoring experience.  They requested feedback as part of our collaboration in which they provide tech support for an AGXO project I'm doing for the city of Philadelphia.

Any feedback appreciated.  Your responses to questions like these would help:

Did you have trouble getting or using the Silverlight plug-in that's needed for this?  (It's like the Adobe Flash plug-in.)
Could you find the start button okay?
Does the sequence make sense?  How could it be improved?
Is it easy to read and understand?  How could text or colors be improved?
What's missing?
What's extra that should be removed?
What type device did you use to view the presentation (e.g. laptop, iPad, phone type?)
What browser and operating system did you use?


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