Saturday, January 1, 2011

Configuring things out with GIS

I'm exploring a variety of approaches for mapping history and tourism resources for the Choptank, and to build web and mobile services based on geographic information systems (GIS).  I'm working this not from a software developer's position (I'm not a qualified programmer) but as one of a species which Esri's Derek Law calls "configurators".  I take advantage of GIS software platforms that enable subject matter experts to create maps and geographic services.  Without hard-core programming,  but with something related -- applications configuring or lightweight scripting.

Here is a list of GIS-based resources that I've used recently, or that I plan to experiment with:
  • Esri
    • ArcGIS Explorer Online
    • ArcGIS Explorer Desktop
    • community mapping
    • ArcGIS Viewer for Flex
    • REST-based map services via ArcGIS Server
  • Google
    • My Maps
    • Google Mapmaker
    • Google Earth
  • BatchGeo
    • Geocoding data in Excel tables
Please comment on your favorite GIS resources for non-programmers.

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